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Behavioural Based Safety

Behavioural Based Safety (BBS)

BBS has been around, it’s claimed, since the early 1970s and it had some positive success in the beginning but became controversial due to not delivering results as expected. Companies and individuals who were driving these systems, became frustrated that they were not seeing the results promised. Probably because they were data based results systems that followed the numbers and not the people.

There are some positive basic elements of people centric leadership (servant leadership) that is at the core of how we stop people getting injured and killed in a work environment. (Empathy, listening, actions, trust). People leadership is key, more so in today’s society, with almost every individual having billions and billions of pieces of information at their fingertips. (How many of us google search for the latest ailment before ringing a doctor to explain in detail what you think is wrong with you, and they are the specialist). I’m not a technophobe and love the technology, but maybe we have a culture of complacency and superiority that make us hesitant or devoid to ask anyone for help or guidance.

Should health and safety rely on the technology for guidance or do human beings still have a place.


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