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Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR 2002)


While travelling to clients sites in and around the M25 to conduct full CDM site audits, it’s good to note that compliance for DSEAR 2002 due to diesel fuel being stored on site is clearly visible and best practice is being honoured. In the picture you can see the set up for the generator which powers the Falcon self erecting crane which is remote control for those tight access areas. You can see the Western Global Trans cube which houses the diesel requirements. These units must be earthed in use to dissipate static charge build up, to avoid spark generation which in the event of coming into contact with vapours would have all the components to cause an explosion. You can clearly see the yellow/green earthing cable connected to the base of the trans cube and earthed to ground. Since 2015 diesel, kerosene and heating oils have been included in the EU Reach list of flammable liquids >60* and need to have their risks identified with a DSEAR assessment.

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