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  • Martin McGeever

McGeever Ltd - The Human Interface

The past 18 months, during the pandemic lockdowns and social distancing, have taught us that we can be separated and technology can assist. I am a lover of the technological age that we live in, and the advantages it gives small business owners like myself, in competing in the market places of much bigger enterprises. However, another thing that lockdown taught us, or at least, re-iterated, is that as human beings, we need human contact, or we suffer greatly with our mental health and well-being. This led me to think about how I market our business in todays world (post Covid) and what I need to have as a tool in the marketing basket. Video - my first glimpse of a human who is driving the business. I realise that you have to be visible and tangible, like when you go to a networking event, you need to mix, speak openly and interact with other human beings. Networking is difficult, and I’ve been to many events, but being a star in your own movie, now that’s really a new thing for me, and scares me much more than networking, but I know I have to do it! It would be great to hear your stories of marketing successes and if video is on if your top media’s of choice?

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