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At McGeever Ltd we want to help businesses to understand their legal obligations surrounding health and safety legislation. Sometimes you do not know what you need until you talk it through with an expert who can make sense of your requirements. Health and Safety is about sharing knowledge and keeping people and business safe. To help this along, we are offering a free 30 minute consultation to any business who needs it to discuss their needs and hopefully develop a plan in what is really required to achieve compliance. This is a NO OBLIGATION commitment from us to you. The time will be flexible based around the daily requirements of McGeever Ltd and availability. 

One Time Only - 30 minutes of Consultancy Time (Free) ONLINE

SKU: MSS00001
  • McGeever Ltd are offering this one time only 30 minute free online consultation to assist companies understand their legal obligations and to determine if there is anything that McGeever Ltd can help with. It does not guarantee that time will be suitable to the company, and it can retract this offer at any time without explanation.

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