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Project Management


How we manage projects 

MCGEEVER Ltd has experience of working with CEMAR (Contract Management System) within NEC3/NEC4 to deliver manufactured projects to the nuclear industry within the UK, complemented by working with a large German SME company to deliver global projects for the industrial laundry sector. CEMAR offers the client and the sub-contractor supply chain the opportunity to claim costs and control costs in the form of (EW) early warnings, (CE) compensation events, (PI) proposed instructions (CI) contractor’s instruction (NOI) notification of inspection. To mitigate risk and maintain quality, (TQ) technical queries, (CO) concessions, (PP) production permits and (SD) specification deviation all form part of the risk register of compliance.


On any project, you will have a number of project constraints that are competing for your attention. They are cost, scope, quality, risk, resources, and time. MCGEEVER Ltd can work with you to understand your needs and scope of your specific project and determine the level of change that you need to undertake. The following fundamental elements of any project delivery must be discussed at the beginning with the stakeholders, with budget and scope being the initial drivers.

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