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Business Health & Safety

H&S meeting

When you speak to us, we can look at an overall health and safety strategy or maybe just elements to enhance your existing business structure. We can listen to you and advise accordingly on a specifically designed plan to support your business, to ensure the health, safety, physical and mental welfare of every worker. People are the most critical part of your business. A positive and pro-active health and safety culture throughout your businesses and workplaces, will ensure that your workers remain safe and well in the short and long term. Added to this, a positive health and safety culture promotes and encourages productivity, reduces toxicity, promotes psychological safety, reduces absenteeism and presenteeism thus increasing turnover and profitability. MCGEEVER Ltd can assist, support, implement the management system for you and help you nurture a culture of health, safety and wellbeing that ensures your workers go home safely, and your business remains compliant at all times. 

Technicians at Work

How we manage health and safety

Planning for health and safety, writing a health and safety policy, controlling the risks, accidents and investigations, multi-occupancy workplaces, deciding who will help you with your duties, consulting your employees, providing training and information, providing supervision, first aid, emergency procedures, reporting accidents, incidents, and diseases, the health and safety law poster, safety signs, insurance, inspectors and the law.

Hierarchy of Control
Protective Gear
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