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Project Management


How we manage projects 

MCGEEVER Ltd has demonstrable experience of working on projects of differing scale and size for varied clients across the globe.

We work as a partner to your team in order to bring everyone together for the common goal of delivering the project to a given budget and within scope.

Communication is key, from liaising with your supply chain and demanding the right quality to managing your stakeholders expectations at all levels to ensure they understand progress. 

Added to this, risk management is a major part of the role and every aspect of how the project will be delivered is discussed in the beginning at the scope meeting with all parties involved. Health, safety and wellbeing is a key driver of all tasks throughout the project. 

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Project Management

On any project, you will have a number of project constraints that are competing for your attention. They are cost, scope, quality, risk, resources, and time. MCGEEVER Ltd can work with you to understand your needs and scope of your specific project and determine the level of project management that you need. These fundamental elements of any project delivery must be discussed at the beginning with the stakeholders, with budget and scope being the initial drivers.

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