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Health & Safety for the Next Generation  

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Health & Safety

Competent and experienced health and safety support and guidance, to protect your staff, ensure you are working within the law and ultimately helping your business grow with a positive culture.

Project Presentation

Project Management

Professional and demonstrable project management, to deliver your projects across a broad range of sectors with a focus on planning, scheduling, task management, resource management, risk management and wellbeing.


McGeever Ltd was founded in May 2019 by Martin McGeever after 36 years in engineering/manufacturing and design, working for several companies large and small, and improving their internal business systems with a focus on health and safety, wellbeing of staff and performance efficiency, with demonstrable success.

As a senior leader, having travelled around the world to many International sites to monitor my team’s
performance, I have witnessed many cultures, mostly good but some not so good along the way, that had to be challenged, to ensure my team and the clients team remained safe, healthy and of good wellbeing.


Education and keeping up with compliance is a legal commitment for all businesses, so it’s important for me to have a strong network. CPD and a vision to keep learning, so advice can be delivered with confidence. Always being aware of your own limitations. You never know everything....
The companies I have worked for, and with, and the teams I have served along the way, all demonstrate my dedication to protect and advise in order to ensure that everyone goes home safe wherever they are in the world.

Health & Safety Leadership is more than just health and safety for workers, its cultural, it has to be consistent, you have to show strength, empathy, understanding and need to educate constantly. The wellbeing of every person working for you, with and beside you, depends greatly on your leadership values and your dedication to build a psychological security fence around them, so everyone has a voice and isn't afraid to speak up if things aren't right.


Health, Safety & Wellbeing leaders should sit firmly at the boardroom table as a lead on the entire business.

McGeever Ltd has been set up to continue to deliver these values to companies who need guidance and support for Health and Safety Leadership in today’s world, where agility, strong leadership and firm decisions need to be taken the for the good of the team, business, community and wider environment.


Martin McGeever CEng IMechE CMgr MCMI Tech IOSH DipNCRQ


"Look after your people first and they will take care of the business"

- Martin McGeever

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“Aiding busy directors with limited time and resource, to facilitate project delivery ensuring compliance and risk is taken care of for the benefit of their staff and clients.”

- Martin McGeever

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